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Caramelized Carrots With Pecans

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Caramelized  Carrots with Pecans
2011-06-15 Side Dish
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Golden caramelized carrots with pecans and a touch of whipped cream cheese for great flavor.

  • Servings: 4-6


2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 (1 Lb.) Bag Baby Carrots
½ cup Pecan Halves or Pieces
¼ cup Whipped Cream Cheese
Pinch of Dried Basil


Drizzle pan with olive oil. Set burner to medium-high heat. Pour in bag of carrots. Let carrots saute in olive oil until tender and have started to glaze (or turn golden brown); usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Pour in pecans and continue cooking for another 5 minutes. At the very end, mix in the whipped cream cheese letting it melt over the carrots and pecans. Sprinkle in the basil (or other favorite herbs).

Helpful Tips:

I love this recipe because you can adjust the amount of ingredients and it still has a great taste. It is even good without the cream cheese. (Great recipe if you are craving carrot cake and don't want all of the calories.)