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Fried Cabbage N Onions

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Fried Cabbage n Onions
2010-12-06 Other
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Not on your diet! Fried cabbage with onions and bacon and garlic!


I Large Green Cabbage, cut down to quarter sized pieces.
1 Large Onion, sliced
4 -6 cloves Garlic, minced
6 slices Bacon, chopped and fried; removed from grease but retain the grease in the same skillet
Salt & Pepper
Lawrey's Seasoned Salt


Fry up the bite sized pieces of bacon; remove from grease and set aside.

To the hot bacon grease, add the cabbage, onion, garlic, and seasonings (to taste).

Fry down on medium heat until it all becomes soft and browned. Do not overcook, though.

Add back the bacon and stir.

Serve hot. Excellent "southern" dish to serve up with cornbread and beans!!