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Southern Thai Greens

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Southern Thai Greens
2008-07-29 Side Dish
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Liquid Smoke adds flavor, but no fat to traditional cooked greens.

  • Servings: 4


3 + Bunches Turnip or Collard Greens, stems and center veins removed
Enough Chicken Stock To Cover Greens
Liquid Smoke, to taste
Curry, to taste
Coconut Milk, to taste


Place greens in a large pot. Add water to cover and boil until greens are just tender. Add chicken stock to water and finish cooking. When greens are tender the flavor of the chicken stock should stand out. Add Liquid Smoke to taste. Add curry to taste. Add enough coconut milk to greens to balance out heat. Cook greens making sure all ingredients are absorbed by greens.

Helpful Tips:

I use Liquid Smoke instead of pork feet or turkey wings for reasons of health.