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Stuffed Baked Zucchini Flowers - (yemistoi Kolokythoanthoi Sto Fourno)

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Stuffed baked zucchini flowers -  (Yemistoi kolokythoanthoi sto fourno)


* 8 Large Zucchini Flowers, with their stem removed
* 8 Spoons Rice
* 1 Cup Olive Oil
* 1 Bunch Parsley, finely cut
* 2 Spoons Finely Cut Dill
* Some Sprigs of Finely Cut Fennel
* 1 Kg Finely Cut Tomatoes
* 1 Large Onion, finely cut
* Salt
* Pepper


Rinse the zucchini flowers, drain and set aside. Prepare the mixture by mixing in a bowl the rice, the herbs the tomatoes and the onion. Pour olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Stuff the flowers with the mixture. Place them in a oiled baking pan with the open part to face the surface of the pan. Season them with some extra salt, pour one glass of water and bake in 180 C until golden and until of the water is absorbed.